Episode 13: Six Degrees of Virginia Woolf, Part 1

Gretchen and Leigh are pleased to announce their very first special guest to History is Gay, Dan Arndt of Write to Survive Podcast and The Fandomentals, to talk about Virginia Woolf and Vita-Sackville-West. This episode has everything: modernism, gay love letters, dramatic queers, queers with mommy issues, and a truly cinematic adventures. Join us for Part 1 of an ongoing series.

2:05 – Introduction
5:40– Socio-Historical Context: Modernism
15:20– A Note About Language: The Terms Lesbian and Bisexual
19:15– Who were they and why do we think they're gay?
21:23 – 22:08 CONTENT WARNING: Mention of childhood sexual abuse
1:08:39– Fun Segment: Word of the Week: Oysters
1:20:15–1:20:47 CONTENT WARNING: Mention of suicide
1:22:10– Fun Segment: Pop Culture Tie-In
1:25:08– How Gay were They?
1:29:30– Closing and Where to Find us Online

For a full list of sources and bonus content, visit our Notes page! 

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