Hello dear queerlings! We have a great desire to make History is Gay as accessible as possible for all listeners, and we need your help with that.

Unfortunately due to time and budget constraints, Gretchen and Leigh aren’t currently able to add transcribing each episode to their workload with all the research, recording, and other prep work that goes in to making this show. That’s why we’re asking our dear listeners for assistance!

Adapted from the amazing document created by the volunteers transcribing Buffering the Vampire Slayer, we have created a formatting guide and transcription hub for History is Gay listeners who would like to help with the transcribing process!

If you’d like to be a part of this amazing team, head on over to historyisgaypodcast.com/transcribe and you’ll find instructions on how to contribute!

This is also where we will be posting completed transcriptions as the process goes along, so stay tuned!