Hello dear queerlings! We have a great desire to make History is Gay as accessible as possible for all listeners, and we need your help with that.

Unfortunately due to time and budget constraints, Gretchen and Leigh aren’t currently able to add transcribing each episode to their workload with all the research, recording, and other prep work that goes in to making this show. That’s why we’re asking our dear listeners for assistance!

Adapted from the amazing document created by the volunteers transcribing Buffering the Vampire Slayer, we have created a formatting guide and transcription hub for History is Gay listeners who would like to help with the transcribing process!

If you’d like to be a part of this amazing team, head on over to historyisgaypodcast.com/transcribe and you’ll find instructions on how to contribute!

This is also where we will be posting completed transcriptions as the process goes along. Completed transcripts are in all caps and link to a PDF file.

Regular Episodes:

Episode 0: Introducing History is Gay!


Episode 2: Episode 1: Were Some Pirates Poofters?

Episode 2: Cloistered Queers

Episode 3: Mei Ai Hold Your Hand?

Episode 4: Bulldaggers and Lady Lovers

Episode 5: Stars from a Bi-Gone Era

Episode 6: 3 Genders? In Ancient Egypt? It’s More Likely Than You Think

Episode 7: F is For Friend Who Did Not Have Gender

Episode 8: Nazi Punks Fuck Off: Magnus Hirschfeld

Episode 9: Nazi Punks Fuck Off: Claude Cahun

Episode 10: Thigh Fencing and the Saffron Massage

Episode 11: Rainbow Rising - Gilbert Baker & Brenda Howard

Episode 12: Let’s Have a Kiki with Queer As Fact

Episode 13: Six Degrees of Virginia Woolf Part 1: Vita & Virginia

Episode 14: The Labor Struggle is Real Queer

Episode 15: Lizzie Borden Took a Labrys

Episode 16: Lavender Apparitions

Episode 17: He’s a Real Wilde One

Episode 18: Girls Gone Wilde

Episode 19: Queer Poetry in the Not-So-Great War: Siegfried Sassoon

Episode 20: More Than Meets the Eye(brow): Frida Kahlo

Episode 21: The Real Housewife of Rome

Episode 22: Bae-yard Rustin: The Man Behind the March

Episode 23: Bury the Hays Code

Bonus/Mini Episodes:

Episode 0: Introducing History is Gay

Episode 0.1: Queer, There, and Everywhere

Episode 0.2: T’Aint Nobody’s Bizness: An Interview with Robert Philipson

Episode 0.3: A Sneak Peek into Sappho’s Salon

Episode 0.4: A Queer Ghost Huntin’ We Will Go (An Interview with Shane McLelland)

Episode 0.5: Letters & Queeries - Gay Ghosts and an Announcement!