Episode 0.2: T'Aint Nobody's Bizness: An Interview with Robert Philipson

Leigh & Gretchen are bringing you a special bonus episode this week! Wow, three whole episodes in a month, Happy Pride! In this bonus, Leigh sits down with Robert Philipson, producer and director of the documentary T’Aint Nobody’s Bizness: Queer Blues Divas of the 1920s, which we discussed in our episode Bulldaggers and Lady Lovers, about his process, the importance of telling queer stories and excavating lost history, his upcoming documentary project Mood Lavender which sheds light on more queers in the Harlem Renaissance, and maybe even a little sneaky surprise for you all.

Want to find more info on Robert and his work? Go to www.shogafilms.com or follow on twitter @ShogaFilms or like the Shoga Films facebook page!

Want to see Robert’s short film Congo Cabaret at the San Francisco Black Film Festival this Sunday, June 17? Purchase tickets at www.sfbff.org.

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