Episode 14: The Labor Struggle Is Real Queer

Leigh and Gretchen have a special History is Gay treat for you this Labor Day. Join them as they discuss the history of the labor movement as it relates to the struggle for queer civil rights in America. You may not know, but the labor and LGBTQ+ movements have been allies for a long time. Just how far back does the partnership go? Listen and find out! Learn about Jewish lesbian feminists fighting for better workplace conditions during WWI, the mostly-queer marine cooks union in the 30s and 40s, lesbian bus drivers’ unions, the Coors boycott, and more. We end with a discussion of what needs to be done and Gretchen may or may not end up on a soap box. Happy Labor Gay!


0:00 – Introduction
1:13 – Corrections Corner: Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum
6:50 – Main Topic: The Labor Struggle is Real Queer
25:04-31:47 – Fun Segment: Words of the Week
1:13:24 – Takeaways
1:19:20 – Fun Segment: Pop Culture Tie-In
1:19:45 – How Gay were They?
1:21:01 – Closing and Where to Find us Online

For a full list of sources and bonus content, visit our Notes page! 

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